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Artist Profile: Welcome

Marie Expert


''Fascinated with the classical paintings. I remember very well each time when we went to churches with my grandmother, looking at the ceiling of the catholic churches I was astounded with the paintings. I was really amazed and I imagined that Paradise looked like that. I continue to explore new techniques for blending colors, styles or new materials. The encouragement of my friends and family led me to realize that I had a talent that allowed me to produce artworks. The passion and patience that flow from art also inspired me to share with others by teaching other emerging artists.''

Marie Expert is a Filipino painter living in Paris. She explores 2 dimensional work by remaking classical painting such as the renaissance period and landscapes, she also tackles feminism by painting the existential beauty of the women’s figure. A devoted artist, Marie studied painting in 1999  through a retired Russian professional painter, who happened to be a professor at the Imperial Academy of Arts. The Professor saw talent at Marie so he held an individual tutorial with her, teaching about the world of fine arts. On the early stages of learning the artist found it difficult and was frustrated, and later on she patiently tried every day until she became the artist that she is today. Her Infinite passion for painting Since then gives her the concept of artworks that she is making.

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